Synchron Group India

Where Ideas Takes Shape

Vision and Mission

Commitment to our clients is our best asset

Commitment We place a strong emphasis on superior quality, attentive service, competitive cost and aggressive scheduling. Following in the tradition of the “general contractor”, we undertake much of the construction work by our own workforce. When specialized work is sub-contracted, we carefully select the trades based upon quality and demonstrated performance. Synchron constructions have developed from past experience a quality control system in the form of a master punch list. Each stage of the project is reviewed and compared to the master list to ensure compliance with the design and construction documentation.“On every project we undertake, Synchron Construction will strive to meet or exceed our client’s expectations with regard to budget, schedule, quality, communication, safety, and environmental responsibilities.”

Our core expertise

Core-expertise Synchron conducts business throughout Maharashtra India in three primary sectors:

  • Design/build construction
  • Construction management
  • Commercial/Residential and industrial real estate development

Our guiding philosophy

Our clients have the right to expect extraordinary efforts to deliver an outstanding, cost-effective construction project, and we have an obligation to meet their expectations. Through dedicated, transparent communication and demonstrated integrity, we build enduring relationships with our owner-clients — as evidenced by our continuing flow of repeat business and referrals.

We learn your building before it’s built

Learn your building before it’s builtWe invest as much front-end time as necessary to fully comprehend a new building’s functionality. We work with your wish list, considering every factor from occupancy loads to image, time frames, and potential future expansions. When we’re collectively satisfied that our vision and you are in tune, we add architects and engineers to the team and prepare preliminary drawings. On approval, the drawings are further developed, then passed to our estimators and construction managers to develop cost estimates and time schedules for your approval.

We help find the ideal addresssearch-home

We study and discuss your requirements — considering such factors as available labor pool, transportation and target markets. We carry out data searches, conduct eyeball inspections, and identify the optimum sites to recommend. Then, when selection is finalized, we arrange for all soil tests and topographical surveys, and coordinate the work required for basic site development.

Approval triggers multi-disciplinary teamwork

On approval of design concept and cost proposal, the schedule is live and all disciplines are engaged. We prepare detailed Teamworkarchitectural, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings and specs required for permit submissions. Any critical materials or materials with predictably long lead times are ordered in advance. Our site managers gather their professional and trade teams, and we gear up for construction.

Now the plans can become a place

With all permits obtained, we break ground and start to build. Scheduled on-site meetings keep you briefed and current as your new building rises.

The economies are in the efficiencies

As your single-source design/build contractor, we deliver strict, unified management and control over every hour and every phase of construction. With all disciplines under one command, working with the same integrated schedule, we deliver high quality work, efficiency and predictability. Synchron comes through — on time, on budget.