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Management Structure

When Synchron Group India management program is applied to your existing design, all parties benefit from end-to-end efficiency, cost-effectiveness, control, and the budget-centric vigilance of a single dedicated team. No confusion of terms. No ambiguity of intent.

1.  Teamwork

The advantages of close collaboration and a common goal under the Synchron’s approach to Construction Management, all contributing parties function as a unified team with a single shared objective. On-going collaboration and communication between owner, architect, engineers and the manager ensures that the focus never strays from cost-effective completion — on time, on budget.

2. Experience: The advantages of selected providers

Choosing the Construction or Project Management construction model enables the owner and architect to ensure that the construction manager and trade sub-contractors you select has the experience and capability to meet all required standards of workmanship and all demands of schedules.

3.  Cost control: The advantages of an ever-present watchdog

The best defense against cost overruns is an accurate estimate of costs based on sound design. Actual costs are monitored closely to ensure full value for your money i.e. You pay only for what you get.

4. Value engineering: The advantages of knowing your options

Synchron’s expertise and experience in pricing alternative construction methods or products equips you and your architect with the most cost-effective alternatives for your design. Synchron’s Real Estate Development serves institutional and private investors, Snchron specializes in design/build and development of industrial, commercial/Residential and retail properties.” we can build for sale or lease to suit your unique requirements”.

Our real estate development services include,

  • Site selection and strategic land acquisition.
  • Feasibility studies
  • Architectural/engineering design
  • Construction
  • Development management
  • Project financing
  • Leasing
  • Property management
  • Service infrastructure
  • Land economics
  • Subdivision severance/plans
  • Marketing